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Voice of Aiko - An Artistic Army on a Mission!

Voice of Aiko is a creative collective of top musicians, filmmakers and artists joining forces to campaign for change - an artistic army on a mission!

Born through the shared vision in the ability of art and creativity to offer health, happiness, impact and growth, Voice of Aiko focuses on different key issues with each project. Each project theme is chosen by the collective for its topical, pressing nature and our shared belief that it needs to be talked about more. Working with leading charities our aim is to make some noise and create real societal change, opening minds and hearts with the power of beautiful art.

Voice of Aiko is grateful to be supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Aiko’s first project ‘Prescription Dream’ draws the spotlight on an ongoing prescription drug epidemic.

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Aiko’s latest project ‘W.A.D.E - We All Deserve Equality!’ is in aid of the Calais Children and Refugee Rights.

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@VoiceofAiko #WADE